XXL·Hose™ is the water-pressure expandable hose that will make watering easier. Available in 4 different lengths to perfectly fit the needs of every user.

Includes leds of different colours which change their intensity, creating different combinations of colours which will give a coloured, relaxing atmosphere to the room.

Working with the senses in a playful way. Enjoy with the Star Lamp or Kinetic sand. Playz Kidz ™

Thanks to the 30 shoes rack™ you can keep all your shoes organised and ready so you can find them whenever you need.

Enjoy a refreshing breeze wherever you go!. The container can be filled with water or water and ice.

Stick a couple of Clever Hem™  inside your jeans. Clever Hem ™ has a double adherent surface protected by an easy-to-remove liner.

The Big Folding Stool allows you to reach any part of the home.

Explore the flavours of the world with this unique Ricky Drink dispensers. Very easy to use.

The ultimate solution for the kids at home to enjoy having a bath.

Find out the ultimate challenge in the new dimension of 3D Ubik ™.

Separate and transport all your purchases with Cart Car Bag!

Electrical mat designed for enjoying a pleasant warming sensation on your feet.

This velvety, sturdy and waterproof airbed is a luxury that any house should have. We often need an extra bed and Couch Air™ is always the perfect solution.

The Cubice™ flexible ice sheets can be used to wrap and cool food or liquids. Filled with purified water, they are reusable and adaptable.

In just a few minutes, Laptray Solutions™  will become your ideal aid for reading or using the computer. Its amazingly flexible, steady legs allow it to adapt to any surface.

The amazing instant open & magnetic close curtain. The magnetic curtain that will simplify your life! Opens easily and closes automatically.

Incredible super-absorbent and non-slip mat. Its millions of fibres are technically developed to absorb mud and water instantly.

You never dream something so simple can help so much!

Turn any space into the hottest club in town in seconds with B Party Experience ™

Give your ties and belts a 360º spin, keeping them organised and saving space.

Save time and money applying an even coat of paint with Easy Paint Gun™. Compatible with all types of paint.

The EcoRecycle™ is a rubbish bin divided in three containers. Each of them has its own pedal to lift the lid, which is great for keeping your hands clean.

ELECEQ™ constantly monitors the electric current flow for small fluctuations that might affect everyday use of appliances or over-heat them.

The Foldy Table ™ provides a compact, flat surface for almost any activity. Perfect for having meals, using laptops, studying, drawing, playing board games or serving food.

This is the perfect choice for those who know well what they want and can’t waste time trying to find their shoes

Furn force™ is a modular system designed to reinforce the base of most sofas and even beds.

Have a chair on hand in a matter of seconds anywhere you are. It supports up to 90Kg and fits into any bag.

With Like Magic Cleaner Mini ™, clean double with the same effort. Wash and dry both sides of a window in one motion.

The must-have kit for home, travel and sports.

MOSQUITO KEYCHAIN ™ repels mosquitos using ultrasounds. A red LED light indicates when it’s in operation.

Your pet will always look soft, shiny, untangled and without hairballs.

Thanks to its internal tank, Paint Roller + ™  you can paint the walls of your house without having to soak the roller again.

Power Clean Ball™  technology lowers water tension, going deeper into the fabrics and resulting in better washing with less soap and softener.

Did you know that your body can absorb more chemicals through the skin than when you drink them mixed with water?

The only sun visor that reduces glare while enhancing the range of vision.

Perfect to sweat more while exercising, as a light way to keep warm during winter, or as a movement-free raincoat

The innovation that allows you to watch TV or read while lying flat in bed.

Organises your clothes keeping them wrinkle-free. Ideal for clothes, handbags and more.

Perfect for keeping your neck and hands warm thans to its soft polar fabric.

A place to store your shoes. Store up to 36 pairs of shoes in the most comfortable and space-saving way.

The Scratch Wizard Pen™ repairs any colour of paint using the effects of the sun!

The Scratch Wizard Polish™  protect your car’s finish with a good waxing!

Your pet will always look soft, shiny, untangled and without hairballs.

This soft fleece blanket will be your perfect companion in the cold days.

The amazing organiser that will change your experience forever!

Get the fastest and deepest cleaning.

Under Bed Store® allows you to organize your shoes or clothes and keep them away from dust and losses.

The incredible accessory that turns any hose into a high pressure cleaner.

Clean with no effort thanks to water pressure. Easy and quick to attach to your garden hose.

This decorative set of 2 glass balloons is the perfect solution for watering all your plants. Just fill the balloon with water and press it into the potting soil.

Your Warm Hug Feet ™  are the easiest way to stay warm at home. Simply heat them in the microwave for 90 seconds and enjoy immediately the feeling in your feet.

Folding your clothes will become something funny and you will gain some more room in your wardrobes, since clothes folded with 123Fold ™  occupy less volume.

With this convenient weekly pill box you can easily keep your pills organised.

Universal dispenser for cling film, kitchen foil, greaseproof paper, etc.

Band UV wristband is a sun exposure alert that helps you to enjoy the sun in an easy way

AKOkey ™ Clip your keys or other things tightly and in order with the buffer rings.

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